Overview Check Valves

Forged Steel – Welded & Bolted Bonnet – Reduce & Full Port

  • API 602, ASME B16.34
  • Testing acoording to API 598, ASME B16.34
  • Marking MSS-SP-25
  • Body Bonnet Weld to ASME Section IX
  • Socket Weld Ends to ASME B16.11
  • Screwed Ends (NPT) to ASME B1.20.1
  • Butt Welding Ends to ASME B16.25

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  • Body The body is forged steel. Designed to the basic dimensional applicable specification API602 & B16.34
  • Bonnet The bonnet is forged steel, has an integral backseat & Stuffing box. Dimensional applicable specification API602
  • Body-Bonnet Joint Two different joint. Bolted bonnet & Welded bonnet type.
  • Piston, Disc The piston, disc is part of the valve trim. The seating surfece of the piston and ball check is of the tapered
    or ball type design. The seating surface of the swing check is flat seat design.
  • Spring The spring is optional and supplied only upon request.



Swing Check Dimension

Lift Check Dimension

Socket Weld, Threaded END. Butt Weld.

Flange Type (Integral & Welded Flange) F.F. , R.F., RTJ

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