Bag Filter

Design Code : ASME Sec. VIII Div.1 / ASME Sec. VIII Div.2 / MFG Standard

While the element of the Basket Filters is of Cleanable Mesh, Bag Filters have Disposable type elements for easy replacement and maintenance.

When it comes to felt filter bags, MNM’s has the answer. Our years of experience give us an advantage over our competitors, and our felt filter bags show it. Our felt bags are designed to withstand higher solid loading, and are suitable for applications using vessel or open filtration systems.

MNM’s “Comprehensive Manufacturing Control” philosophy insures that we will maintain our status as the industry leader in all phases of the filter business.

MNM makes its own fiber to produce the felt material used in our felt filter bags inhouse, guaranteeing the highest quality. Our Extended Life filter bag provides superior filtration of all sized particles, as well as up to twice the dirt holding capacity of a standard filter bag.

Our no-bypass welded seams eliminate the possibility of fluid bypass through needle holes. We provide a variety of glazed and singed finishes to inhibit fiber migration. MNM also offers polyester inserted felts.

These inserted felts include a reinforcing scrim needled inside the felt material, to provide added strength and durability, when a restrainer basket is not being used.

In a woven fabric, the particle gets collected by one or more of the machnisms(like interception, internal impaction etc.) resulting in a build up of ‘dust cake’ which is mostly on the surface.

In a non-woven fabric, the filtration is not only on the surface resulting in a build up of ‘dust cake’ but also in-depth.

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