Activated Carbon Filter

Design Code : ASME Sec. VIII Div.1 / ASME Sec. VIII Div.2 / MFG Standard

Activated Carbon can be the best example of adsorption. It is often called as Activated Charcoal, Activated Coal or Carbo Activatus. They all refer to the form of Carbon which has been processed to have a numerous micro pores that increase the Surface Area available for adsorption.

It’s high porosity enables 1 gram of Activated Carbon to have a Surface Area of 500m2 or even more.

Pressure Vessel Type

Cartridge Type

Canister Type

ElementActivated CarbonActivated Carbon
Code StampAs per Requirementx
Product ClassificationOEM DesignIn-Stock Ready-Made
Shell MaterialAll Grades of CS, SS, Alloy, Monel, etc.CS, SS, PE
Special RequirementAs per Requirement HIC, Normalizing, S5, etc.X
Corrosion AllowanceAs per RequirementX
Shell UsageReusableDisposable after 1 Time Use
Flow RateAll RatesLow Flow Rate

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